Latest Milestones in our journey 


Before the Plan can be "made" and used in planning decisions, it has to pass an examination by an independent examiner and then be subject to a local referendum.
Make sure you know what is happening, so you can have your say about what you want to see in Shepton Mallet
Our current aim is to move to formal consultation in May / June 2023

Most recent work on the Neighbourhood Plan
8th November 2022

At a full meeting of the Town Council, the Neighbourhood Plan was agreed for Regulation 14 Consultation. This reflects the large amount of work done by members of the Steering Group since 2014. It may seem a long time, but this is not unusual for neighbourhood planning groups, who have to get to grips with large amounts of information, consult formally and informally with local people, and continually update the plan.
15th September 2022 
A few minor amendments are needed before the plan can the formal process of Regulation 14 consultation.

5th September 2022
Following the retirement of Cllr John Parham, who did excellent work as Chair of the Steering Group since his appointment in May 2019, Richard Thomas was elected as the new Chairman. Richard represents the Tadley Acres Residents Group, and is a director of the Tadley Acres (Phase 7) Management Company Ltd.

September 2020
Design Guide produced by Robin Horton and Alan Marter.  This is a significant and central document that, once the plan is adopted,  developers have to take into account in planning their development. You can download a copy of the design guide in the 'Related Documents' section.

March 2020 - March 2021
Covid Lockdowns and restrictions in UK mean that the steering group met occasionally online.  Community engagement was impossible, and work on the plan effecively stopped until the end of the second lockdown.