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We are currently looking for more representatives on the Steering Group, particularly from people representing Business, Youth Organisations, and Residents Groups in the Neighbourhood area. If you are interested in volunteering for this task, please contact us.

The purpose of creating a Neighbourhood Plan is to ensure that planning decisions are informed by the vision and needs of the local community. So Community Engagement from all sections of the area was essential.

The process began in Shepton Mallet in 2013 with the formation of a Steering Group and the establishment of a Neighbourhood Area - the Civil Parish of Shepton Mallet.

Since that time, the Steering Group have undertaken two major discussions with the community. 

The first was undertaken in 2014 and the results formed the basis for the Plan.  You will find the documents and results in PDF formatin the Plan Documents on this page..

The second whole-community engagement was a questionniare in 2018 which aimed to test the emerging plan with its policies and objectives against the then current vision of the whole community.  

The questionnaire was centred around the aims objectives identified. It was divided into sections according to subject, to reflect the topics addressed in the Neighbourhood Plan to date. Respondents were asked to agree, disagree or comment on the Aims for Shepton Mallet and then asked to strongly agree, agree, disagree, or strongly disagree with the objectives.

Again, you will find the documents and results in PDF format in the Plan Documents on this page.

The final stage is a wide consultation legally defined as 'Regulation 14', when the plan, approved by the Town Council in November 2022, is put before statutory and local bodies, residents, community groups, and businesses for six weeks.  During this period anyone can comment. All comments are reviewed by the Steering Group, and where appropriate, final changes are made to ensure that the plan reflects the current views of the town and its statutory bodies.  We are aiming to hold this consultation in May/June 2023.